Drug & Alcohol Rapid Detection

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Black Igloo is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Aplitest.

The Aplitest Drug & Alcohol Rapid Detection solution revolutionises portable drug & alcohol testing.


Aplitest has developed the first mobile-based rapid test reader platform.  The system eliminates the interpretation errors and provides a real-time monitoring platform to be used in a variety of fields such as probation authorities, prisons, transport, commercial businesses, healthcare, police, etc. as an aid for point of care testing, forensics, traffic control and workplace testing.  This platform is of great importance for trend

analysis in public health.  


Aplitest is an ultra-portable solution and offers a significant reduction in acquisition cost compared to other “portable” devices on the market.


If you desire a quote, please contact us at +44 (0) 2030 595777.



Data Management


*  Provide a non-biased interpretation of image results

*  Capture the data related to the test and subject

*  Distribute results in various formats directly from mobile device:

    Printed, Emailed or Aplitest Cloud

*  Analyse data directly on device or in the Aplitest Cloud by using 3G or WiFi.





Interpretation of Results

Aplitest allows rapid interpretation of drug and alcohol tests automatically on a mobile phone, minimising the chance of misinterpretation. The software App (available for download in the AppStore) simplifies the documentation, storage and analysis of aggregate data, either on the device or centrally on the portal. The ability to store on the portal for analysis can be of great importance for monitoring the success of prevention policies in real time. 

The Aplitest Cloud allows for easy analysis of results by utilising multiple search criteria screens such as Results by Device, Results by Drug, etc.  Results can be printed from the wireless terminal itself, sent via e-mail or automatically uploaded to the Aplitest Cloud Service.  Click on the screen shots below to enlarge.


VinciPort Portal Display







Types of Tests Available

 Aplitest allows for rapid testing of saliva and urine.  Individual tests can be tailored for the end user, with the ability to test for the presence of up to 10 different drugs and alcohol per test.