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EtherHound Mobile Phone DetectorEtherHound™ is a mobile phone detection trigger specifically tuned to the RF signature of common mobile phones. EtherHound is a discreet receiver that can be mounted anywhere, powered over ethernet (PoE) and added to a network of other mobile phone detectors. When any voice or RF data from all common U.S. or European mobile phones is detected, EtherHound sends a trigger to any programmable device on the network to activate. This can include audible alerts, cameras, flashing lights or any custom software routine provided as an option to customers.



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Technical Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions




    • Receiver design boasts a dynamic range of 60 dB with user selectable sensitivity
    • User selectable sensitivity from -80 dBm to – 50 dBm with a resolution of 2dB for detection in a noisy environment
    • Ethernet port included to send measurements to a PC for realtime monitoring or logging & playback
    • User selectable mobile frequency bands allow the same unit to be used around the world; both USA and European mobile uplink bands are supported
    • Detects and displays the phone’s transmitting frequency with resolution +2 MHz
    • Optional software allows custom triggers and realtime monitoring for all mobile phone activity
    • Weighs less than 285 grams
    • Designed and manufacatured in the U.S.A.
    • Selectivity rejection of at least 50 dB at 1 MHz from the uplink frequency bands provides high immunity from false triggering caused by base stations, personal communication devices and other sources of interference





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Technical Specifications

Technical Specs EtherHhound





















   Frequently Asked Questions

        Can the EtherHound be used to locate cell phones?

        No, because the EtherHound unit is usually deployed in a fixed position, it precludes the possibility to “triangulate”

        and locate the source of RF signals. By contrast, a hand-held cell detector like the Wolfhound-PRO can locate cellphones

        by taking two or more bearings (or, Lines of Position) of the source.


        Can many EtherHound units be used to monitor a large area simultaneously ?

        Yes, this is possible by deploying and networking several EtherHounds together via an ethernet network. Optional software

        takes advantage of as many EtherHounds as a user has at their disposal.


        Can the EtherHound run out of power?

        No, because the EtherHound does not use batteries, it derives its power either over a PoE Ethernet port or is powered by an

        AC adaptor.


       Can the EtherHound store data?

       No because it does not have to, since it is networked over Ethernet.


       What kind of antenna is used by the EtherHound?

       The EtherHound can be deployed either by an Omnidirectional or Directional antenna. When deployed at large inner open

        spaces the Omnidirectional antenna would be used. When deployed in corridors or otherwise constricted spaces a Directional

        antenna could be more effective.


        Does the EtherHound provide audible or visual alerts?

        Yes, the EtherHound has simple LED indicators but custom triggers and alerts can also be created via optional software.


        Does the Etherhound identify callers or their phone numbers?

        No. EtherHound is a simple, low-cost scanning device that simply identifies and timestamps nearby cellphone activity from a

        fixed point. It is a wireless tool used by security officers and personnel that require a NO WIRELESS security policy.


        Can EtherHound track phone numbers or IMEI codes?

        No, EtherHound only detects RF signals.


        How far away can I detect cellphones?

        Typical range is about 100 feet but this varies depending upon the environment.


        Does Etherhound Cell Phone Detector detect phones that are powered off?

        No. A phone that is turned off cannot be detected.


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