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VoiceVantage Puzzle

Black Igloo Ltd. is proud to offer THC Technologies Corporation’s VoiceVantage products.

Individuals naturally carry a password with them everywhere they go: their own voice.  It is impossible to forget or share, and it is easy to use, from anywhere, at any time.  By creating technology that understands the complexities of the human voice, THC Technologies Corporation’s VoiceVantage products have revolutionised the way information resources are accessed, protected, and stored.

From pre-designed products, such as THC Technologies Corporation’s VoiceVantage’s automatic password reset application, Speak N Set, to licensing the company’s core voice verification technology, VoiceCheck, THC Technologies Corporation’s VoiceVantage volutions offer the most effective, user-friendly secxurity applications available today. 

The number of applications that can benefit from THC Techologies Corporation’s VoiceVantage voice verification technology is unlimited, in industries as wide ranging as financial services, telephony-based self-service systems, internet security, voice portals, wireless devices, and enterprise networks and computing.  THC’s VoiceVantage voice verification delivers cost-effective, secure, convenient, and easily deployable solutions for applications that secure access and control.  Whether you need to enhance security and cut costs for your password reset process, control access to your users’ confidential financial information or protect physical access to locations containing highly classified informationa and mission critical applications, THC’s VoiceVantage VoiceCheck technology is the solution.

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